The Vemma Formula Inside seal guarantees you’ve received the clinically proven blend of full spectrum vitamins, plant-sourced minerals, mangosteen and aloe in every serving.

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Remember, Vemma's delicious liquid form is more bioavailable (body-ready) than that daily multivitamin pill or tablet you're taking now.
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With 12 full-spectrum vitamins to maximize its nutritional power, your body is given more antioxidant protection, more nutritional and developmental support than any other competing product out there.

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The Vemma Clinical Trials were conducted by one of the industry's most widely recognized experts in Independent Clinical Testing, Brunswick Laboratories in Norton, MA. The intention of these studies was to evaluate the efficacy and overall bioavailability of a mangosteen product containing multivitamins, essential minerals and antioxidants (Vemma) on
immune function and well-being in adults. This was done by subjecting the product to the gold standard of clinical research, the independent double-blind, placebo-controlled study that follows a specific set of procedures to ensure that the results are dependable and free from bias. The studies confirmed Vemma showed significant improvements in immune markers, superior antioxidant absorption and a lowering of C-reactive protein (CRP), which points to its beneficial effects on overall health and wellness.*